Friday, October 22, 2010

How the Cloth Diapers are Going

We've been cloth diapering Evan for a couple of months now. Here's the low-down:

When: When we're at home (except for overnight -- not brave enough for that yet) and on short excursions out of the house (I just can't bear to carry around dirty diapers with me).

What: I'm using a combo of BumGenius (one size pocket, fitted bamboo with waterproof covers, and fitted all-in-ones) and FuzziBunz pocket(one-size). I like all of them. Mike likes the BumGenius pockets and all-in-ones the best because they close with velcro just like disposables. I'm also using cloth wipes (I just get them wet) and bottom spray (for the messy diaper changes).

How It's Going: in spite of the extra laundry, which really isn't all that bad, and the ick factor of spraying off solids into the toilet before depositing diapers into the wet bag, and the bulkiness of cloth under clothes, it's been a pretty positive experience so far. I just keep reminding myself how much money we're saving.

I'm happy to answer any questions you might have about my cloth diapering experience. Ask away!

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  1. i am so impressed! haven't been brave enough to try it...yet.