Thursday, June 24, 2010

Waiting for Evan

Wow, waiting is hard! Is there any other momentous life event that is so unpredictable? At least with a wedding or a move or a new job, you know what date you're aiming for. With a baby, it's entirely up to them! I don't consider myself a control freak by any means, but this not knowing when my baby will be born is really hard! Especially since the "due date" doesn't mean much, and apparently neither do all the pre-labor signs I've been experiencing the last few weeks!

The big thing that makes me mind the ticking clock is the fact that I am fast using up my leave -- before the reason for my leave even makes his appearance! Sigh. At least I have felt much more energetic the last few days. (I was hoping this meant the infamous nesting was taking place...) And then last night I had some contractions that I thought were the real deal, but I'm not having them anymore.

But at least I'm ready, or as ready as I can be for such a life change. I had my second shower (a family shower) last Saturday, and while it didn't quite go as planned -- my poor grandma, who was going to hostess, lost power, and couldn't have it, and so only half the guests ended up being able to attend when my mom (such a good sport!) changed the venue to her house -- it was very nice just the same. And, as usual, people were so generous! So now Evan has all his essentials, and they are washed and organized and waiting for him.

I guess I just need to remind myself that God's timing is perfect.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Not Much to Report... baby yet! Had my weekly appointment today and my doctor said that she isn't always right, but she predicts that I will not go past my due date as I am almost at 3 cm (yay!). Blood pressure is good (mostly because the summer reading craziness at the library has started without me, I think) and now it's just a waiting game.

I had a lovely shower on Monday night that they threw for us (it was a couples shower) at church. Mike and I were so humbled by people's love and generosity. We are looking forward to bringing Evan to worship with us! And there is a family shower planned for me this coming Saturday. (Hmmm, why does it feel like I just did the shower thing? Oh, yes, because a little over a year ago I was having wedding showers!) So, my feeling is, I can just enjoy the final shower and then go into labor and give Mike a son for Father's Day. Wouldn't that be nice?

I don't have any shower photos to post, but I am feeling huger than huge at this point and would probably not want to share if I did. So thanks for reading, and if you have any tips for inducing labor (besides the eggplant, gingerbread cookies, and castor oil ideas), let me know!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Home Again

Well, in spite of my only working part-time during the week, it was a very busy weekend -- Maggie's graduation open house (shared with Chelsie) was Saturday and I tried to stay off my (fat) feet, but Sunday I had another blood pressure scare and my ob/gyn sent me to Beaumont to get checked out. Of course, once I got there it went down and stayed down, and my bloodwork checked out fine, and Evan's heartbeat was good, so they sent me home. However, my doctor told me I am having "labile blood pressure" (guess that means it's fluctuating) and I am not allowed to work at all. I see her again Wednesday, so we'll see. I hate to use up maternity leave before the maternal part happens! At the hospital they told me I was 1 cm dilated, but that can go on for a long time before any more progress, right?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I had an appointment with my ob/gyn this a.m. and she said things look good. She is happy with how my blood pressure responded to rest and agreed to let me go back to work part-time for the rest of this week, then reevaluate me on Monday. I was getting bored with the enforced laziness, and I am happy to get some hours in at work so I don't have to use up all my paid time before my maternity leave starts! Evan is doing fine and seems to be head-down. I'm finally having some Braxton-Hicks contractions (so weird!) so I feel like my body is getting ready. Thank goodness, because I feel so darn huge these days! Now if I can just hold out for Maggie's graduation and open house and my two baby showers...