Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Home Again

Well, in spite of my only working part-time during the week, it was a very busy weekend -- Maggie's graduation open house (shared with Chelsie) was Saturday and I tried to stay off my (fat) feet, but Sunday I had another blood pressure scare and my ob/gyn sent me to Beaumont to get checked out. Of course, once I got there it went down and stayed down, and my bloodwork checked out fine, and Evan's heartbeat was good, so they sent me home. However, my doctor told me I am having "labile blood pressure" (guess that means it's fluctuating) and I am not allowed to work at all. I see her again Wednesday, so we'll see. I hate to use up maternity leave before the maternal part happens! At the hospital they told me I was 1 cm dilated, but that can go on for a long time before any more progress, right?


  1. you look fantastic! i had blood pressure problems with my first and it's sooooo frustrating because there is NOTHING you can do to change it and it's not your fault! you didn't do anything to cause it and you feel so helpless!!! totally understand! just relax, that will definitely help :)

  2. I think it counts as medical leave until the baby is born- Patty