Monday, November 8, 2010

Coupon Clippin'

My favorite sport is saving money. (Those of you who know me well know that athletics are not my thing.) I come by it naturally; my grandpa Stadtmiller was a coupon clipper and often got paid to buy things! Having a baby is obviously expensive (actually, the actual giving birth was free; since I almost died, insurance covered 100% instead of 80% of the cost -- looking on the bright side here), but I'm saving money by doing things like cloth diapering and buying store-brand (organic) formula. (Oh, and by not decorating a nursery since we actually don't HAVE a nursery...)

But lately I've been doing even more than cutting out (and printing out) coupons and checking the Kroger ad. I've discovered a number of blogs that find the bargains for me. My favorite is Money Saving Mom (thanks, Amy O.!), but I also like Passionate Penny Pincher and Saving Naturally. I also print a lot of coupons from and Target.

By doing all this I feel less guilty about the fact that I am a Starbucks Gold Card Member.

What are your favorite penny-pinching tricks?


  1. A full cup! Love that site! :) Also Hip2Save.
    Mostly I try to save money by really being careful about what we eat...feeding teenage boys is expensive if I don't carefully plan meals and snacks!

  2. Thanks, April! I'll add those to my arsenal!

  3. I also love and I follow a local coupon blog called You can also become a fan of her on facebook and she has great coupon matchups for Meijer and Kroger. You'd be surprised at what you can save at Meijer's through her site. I stock up on excellent deals on diapers and I wonder if with those deals, it is more economical than cloth diapers? I don't know. Good luck. It takes extra work, but it's fun to pat yourself on your back at the end of a shopping trip too.

  4. Hey Miss Laurie!
    My hub's a bigger coupon clipper than I. We don't do much w/o coupon's in our family! Down the road you will be glad, cause you can save money and if you loose a job..well that's in the bank to use! Its what got us through!

    I am going to follow you! Come on over to see me at my blog! I'd love it!


  5. Lorena, I didn't know you had a blog! Now I'm a follower! Jill, thanks for that site -- I didn't know about it! Love that it's local!