Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Cards

Okay, so you are probably all way ahead of me -- in fact, I've already gotten a few in the mail -- but I'm just now getting around to ordering Christmas cards. I was going to skip them this year, because of the effort required, but since I have an adorable baby to highlight in this year's card, I guess I'd better get to ordering. I will be getting them from Shutterfly -- here's the card I like best (although I could change my mind -- they have over 800 to choose from this year!). I get all my photo stuff from Shutterfly. I did my wedding albums and baby albums with them, as well as wedding photos (including a very cool collage), and I've used them for cute photo thank-you notes (featuring Evan, of course) and photo stickers. I find the site easy to use, they're always sending out good coupon codes, and their turn-around is really fast. Okay, commercial over -- back to your regularly scheduled programming. :o)

What's your favorite photo site? Do share!

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