Monday, May 23, 2011


It's been a while since I posted...but life has been a little crazier than normal. My big news is that Friday is my last day at Baldwin Public Library. I've worked there for almost seven years, and it will be sad to leave. But in June I will be starting a new job as librarian at a Montessori preschool in Ann Arbor! I'll only be working two days a week, and I'll be able to bring Evan with me. Plus, we're hoping to move (soon) to the Ypsi/Ann Arbor area, since that's where my family is, and since, with Evan's first birthday (and walking!) fast approaching, our one-bedroom condo seems to be growing ever more crowded.

So that's what's been keeping me busy. For those of you (and I know there are many) who have been checking my blog compulsively for updates, I apologize for the lack thereof lately. :o) I'll try to have some book reviews for you soon!


  1. So excited for you, Laurie!

    Amy O.

  2. Those are certainly a lot of changes. I know that Baldwin won't be the same with out you. But it sounds like a great step for you and your family. How wonderful that you can bring Evan to work! Good luck with everything.

  3. woohoo!!! exciting changes:) it sounds like a great arrangement for everyone!

  4. How wonderful! Glad you'll be able to have Evan with you and share your love for learning/books with the kids and staff at the Montessori school. Good luck with the move. ~Tonya Wagner