Sunday, May 5, 2013

Breakfast for Dinner

We have a new tradition on Sunday nights: breakfast for dinner.  Mike wasn't too crazy about the idea at first, but since I do most of the cooking, he can't really complain.  Breakfast is something I know my picky toddler will eat, too.  And so far, we've had two hits, both from Weelicious

The first is cottage cheese pancakes, which Mike declared the best he's ever had.  I like that they have extra protein, especially when they are for dinner! (The first time I made them, we had no leftovers, so now I double the recipe.  Believe it or not, Ben eats a lot -- more than Evan sometimes!)

The second recipe, which I tried for the first time tonight, is for whole wheat waffles.  I modified the recipe some to 1. make them acceptable to my wheat-flour-averse husband, and 2. give them a hit of healthy fat for my boys.  For 1., I substituted whole wheat pastry flour for the plain whole wheat flour -- the whole wheat pastry flour is lighter and milder-tasting than regular whole wheat flour, and Mike wouldn't have even noticed unless I'd told him. (You can use this in most baked goods instead of wheat flour; I've read that the only exception is yeast breads.)  For 2., I substituted coconut oil for the canola.  And I used buttermilk instead of plain milk and added some blueberries, too.  Yum.

Just wanted to share two easy, healthy recipes that everyone in my family will eat any time of day!


  1. Yum! Thanks for sharing the whole wheat waffle recipe...I am always looking for whole wheat recipes.

    Can you taste the coconut in the waffles?

    1. Mary, I couldn't taste the coconut at all. I think it just made the outside of the waffles nice and crispy!