Thursday, February 16, 2017

Hello Fresh Review

A friend gave me her discount code to try Hello Fresh for $40 off (which meant I got three 2-person meals for $20).  I thought that was a pretty good deal so I tried it.  The meals were delivered to my doorstep, and they were delicious!  There is prep involved --washing and chopping veggies, etc. -- but all of the ingredients are pre-measured so I could feel like I was on a cooking show as I cooked.  Portion sizes were generous, too -- my husband and I are not dainty eaters, but all 3 recipes were enough for us; the pasta dish even had leftovers! It was really nice to know exactly what I was making for dinner -- and that I had all the ingredients for it -- since I've been falling down on the meal planning job lately.  All in all, I would not feel right routinely paying $20 for a meal that only feeds my husband and I (I am an Aldi shopper, after all), but I've noticed that Groupon often has half-off deals.  And if a friend uses your discount code, you get $20 off your next box too.  If you'd like to try it out with my discount code, click here.

*This is my honest review; Hello Fresh has no idea who I am. :)

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