Monday, March 15, 2010

Could spring be here?

Our friends Bernard and Punam came for dinner on Saturday (I had to work, so Mike did all the cooking -- his to-die-for Yankee pot roast and yummy cheddar dill muffins) and brought us a taste of spring: these beautiful flowers! The weather is warming up, I've seen daffodils sending up those first tentative shoots, and I've even heard birds chirping! Does this mean spring has arrived? Well, we do live in Michigan, so I'm not ruling out the possibility of another snowstorm, but I am hopeful!

Today I am 25 weeks! Evan is growing quite rapidly now and I thought some photographic evidence was in order. I'm enjoying his acrobatics throughout the day and can't believe we will be meeting him in just a few short months. When I signed the 3-year lease for my two-door Focus in January 2008, I remember thinking a 2-door was fine since it was highly unlikely that I would even be married in three years, let alone needing car seat access! Perhaps a minivan is in my (near) future?


  1. Your meal posts always leave me salivating. :) Hoorah for SPRING! Btw, you just get more and more adorable! I can't wait to meet your Evan.

    Amy O.

  2. It is funny to think of how you were not anticipating needing more than a 2-door car in three years. Isn't God amazing?! He does bless us so. I'm excited for you and hope you are enjoying your pregnancy. I enjoyed feeling the movement of my babies and wondered if how they moved reflected their personalities. I would wonder what they could be feeling/thinking.