Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Book Reviews!

I've actually been able to read a few books since Evan arrived! I am going to mention two that are absoutely excellent youth/young adult picks (although I promise you grown-ups will enjoy them too!).

First is Incarceron by Catherine Fisher. This is such an original fantasy with vivid characters and a world that you are able to just fall into (no complicated explanations!) and -- of course -- a cliffhanger ending. I can't wait for the sequel: Sapphique, which comes out in December.

Then there's Megan Whalen Turner's latest, A Conspiracy of Kings. This is the fourth in the series started by her Newbery Honor-winning The Thief, and each of the books in this series are so complex I really don't think they should be limited to kids! She also creates vivid characters and sets them in a historical world complicated by politics, faith, friendship, romance, and a little hint of the supernatural. If you haven't tried this series, run to your local library and give The Thief a try.

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  1. sounds good...will have to download them soon!