Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More About Cloth Diapers

Well, I took the plunge and ordered some cloth diapers to start with. I found a great deal on a 12-pack of bumGenius (love that brand name!) bamboo fitted cloth diapers in size small (for 8-16 lbs.) -- $72! I have read that infants go through about 12 diapers a day. I also ordered 4 diaper covers, cloth wipes, and a wet bag. I know I'm going to need wipes solution and eventually a diaper sprayer, but any more advice about what else I will need to get started? Any favorite laundry detergents? Favorite diaper stores? (I placed my order with Cotton Babies and got free shipping that was pretty fast.)
Advice welcome!


  1. hi! my brother (corey) asked me to ping you!

    we are a CD family and love it. i love not having to run out to the store because we have no dipes left. my general philosophy is that if you look at is as a "chore" then you will hate it. but if you just look at it as a day-to-day thing, it isnt a problem.

    you may be familiar with it, but check as a great resource.

    regarding wetbags, i would recommend the following:
    -two if you plan to use daycare (that way you dont have to do laundry each night like i do -- you can do it every other day). our daycare uses a foot-operated trash can that i line with the diaper bag. i suppose i could use a trashbag, but that isnt very environmentally friendly, is it?
    -two for every "changing station" at your house. we have two levels, so when she was an infant, we changed her up and downstairs. again, if you have two for each location, you will always have a clean one on laundry day.

    if you plan to use daycare and are having a hard time finding a location that will permit CDs, ping me and i will give you some suggestions to say to them.

    re: wipe solution, there is a make-your-own variation if you are interested. we use sposie wipes, mainly because i didnt buy cloth wipes and then went craaaaazy buying sposie wipes a few months back. i did a warranty return on a few of my dipes and the company returned them with ten cloth wipes. so i might switch to that, when i finish this mass of disposables.

    re: detergent: a lot of people like charlies. i havent used that ($$$) but use ALL, and about once/twice a month do a vinegar and tea tree stripping wash.

    re: favorite stores: we use fuzzibunz and have been VERY pleased with their customer service (see free wipes above!). also, one of my girl friends works here: and they make SUPER CUTE bags, cloths, etc...


  2. Way to go, Laurie! I started with wipe solution, but then went cheap as time went on and only use a bowl of water now. I use burts bees diaper powder and cream so that keeps him smelling fresh. :-) I used Charlie's in the beginning was great, but started using Trader Joe's powder UNSCENTED because it was easier to get.

    Do you have diaper pail bags? or do you plan to use something else. I bought 2 so I always had one ready when one was in the wash.

    I even cloth on vacation, so ask me anything. :-) But now 2 years of using cloth and I'm ready for Luke to be potty trained. :-)

  3. I'm cracking up reading everything. I used cloth diapers and used Dreft or Ivory Snow. (Do they even make those anymore?)
    I also had a bowl of water and little washcloths. My baby is 40.