Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I am typing this from the Caro District Library in Caro, MI. Mike is working in a couple of appointments on the way to our Babymoon! We're heading to Luther, MI, where Hillsdale College has a lodge -- check it out here -- for a couple of days of relaxation. Yes, I know we had a honeymoon less than 8 months ago, but since our plans for going to Israel before we have kids are obviously out the window, Up North will have to do! Mike is planning to do a little fishing, but I just brought along a lot of books and I may be persuaded to go for a little hike around the lake.

Lest you think I am just lying around at this point in my pregnancy (which, to be honest, is about all I feel like doing), I did start an AquaMoms class a few weeks ago. Mike thinks it sounds like a superhero gathering, but really it's just a prenatal water aerobics class. I go twice a week and it feels really good, plus it's good exercise! I might even sign up for the next 6-week session after this one ends, if I can fit it in around the childbirth class we're taking.

Well, that's my update for now. If I do get some reading done on this mini-vacation, I will post reviews when we're back!

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  1. Your babymoon sounds very nice! And by all means, lay least that's what I did as much as possible. :) Of course, I'm paying for it now with 20 lbs to go that are going nowhere. On second thought, don't take my advice. Go Aquamom! You do sound like a superhero.

    Amy O.