Monday, January 24, 2011

From the files of "I swore I'd never..."

I was one of the last to adopt CDs (I had cassettes well into my freshman year of college) and DVDs (I still have a VCR!). I don't have a smartphone because I think a phone should make phone calls and that's about it. But I bought an eReader.

I'm still not sure what possessed me. I love books. There's nothing better than a crisp new paperback or a shiny new hardcover. I always said an eReader would be great to have if I still lived in Korea and rode the subway or travelled a lot, which I don't. But Borders kept sending out e-mails about their eReader, the Kobo, being on sale for $99.99. I had just gotten a $50 check for my participation in a University of Michigan study. And I know that my library loans out ebooks. And...the Kobo comes in lavender. I was sold.

So, I'm now the proud owner of an eBook reader. I must say it's pretty cool that, theoretically, I could be carrying 1000 books around in my purse.

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