Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

I've never been one for New Year's resolutions, but this year I have a few. My life has changed so much in the last year and a half that I find myself needing to make some changes of my own to adjust to my new normal.
First, I am resolving to exercise at least 4-5 times a week, as I did pre-baby. I'm starting small: 20-minute workouts from two DVDs, Tracy Mallett's Get Your Body Back and The Firm's Calorie Explosion. We'll see how that goes! I have at least 20 pounds to lose, courtesy of the adorable baby you see to your left.
My other resolution is to plan/shop ahead so I can make a healthy dinner most nights of the week. I've enlisted the help of Relish. I purchased a 6-month subscription through Mamapedia for $17 and have planned one week's meals so far. Tonight I made crispy baked fish and coleslaw in less than 30 minutes, and it was pretty good. We'll see how the rest of the recipes are, but it really helps to have a list to choose from, and an automatically-generated shopping list!

Wow, as I read back over this, I realize that my New Year's resolutions are boring and predictable. But I guess a girl has to start somewhere.

How about you? Do you make New Year's resolutions?

Whether you do or not, Happy New Year, a little late!


  1. i don't think your new year's resolutions are boring (or predictable) at all! if anything i am impressed! i have tentatively made one new resolution which is to teach the girls Amharic (the Ethiopian language). we will see...:)

  2. Laurie, I have the exact same resolutions! We can be boring and predictable together :) The menu planning is difficult for m., I usually eat what I want when I want it, but that leads to pretty big restaurant bills! So I have stuck to it pretty well. And exercising before work with Jillian Michael's dvds is working for me. I've almost gotten rid of the holiday pastry weight :)

  3. I'm going to have to start exercising BEFORE Evan gets up or before work in the morning, because the evening workout isn't happening. Congrats on getting rid of the pastry weight! It's going to be pretty hard for me to get rid of the ice cream weight when I keep indulging. :o)