Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cloth Diaper Update

So, we had a cloth diaper crisis recently. ALL of my microfiber inserts (which make up the majority of my stash) were repelling, and I tried every method known to man to strip them, including taking the whole lot to my mom's to use her top-loader for extra water power. To no avail. So I had to buy a whole new supply of inserts (which was only around $35) and I'm praying that they don't acquire too much build-up in my dumb front-loader before (Lord willing) we move and I will have a top-loader of my very own!

Recently, I've been really loving my GroVia. Not only are they super trim, I am impressed by the absorbency of the snap-in cotton soakers. Who knew cotton could work so well for my heavy wetter? (And no repelling!) I'm less impressed by the disposable soakers (I've had leaks with those) but even with the inconvenience of carrying around wet cotton soakers, they are my favorite travel diaper.

I also only have one Thirsties DuoDiaper, but I really like it and I'd love to own more. So I'm entering the Thirsties Thursday Giveaway. Head on over here for your chance to win!

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